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Sales Philosophy
In addition to our usual sales calls, we carry our sales efforts several steps further.

•   Calls on electrical contractors and engineers.
•   Participation in local trade shows.
•   Conduct sales meetings with distributor sales personnel.
•   Provide incoming WATS line.
•   E-mail contacts.
•   Provide 24-hour facsimile machine for contact with factories and customers.
•   Provide customer sales reports, inventory control, and factory communication.

These services, coupled with an aggressive and knowledgeable staff, have allowed us and our manufacturers to experience steady growth from gross sales of just over $150,000.00 to a multi-million dollar sales organization in 2018.

Our company represents manufacturers that are compatible and give us the opportunity to seek out new principals that can interact with them allowing a more synergistic effect of our efforts. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the details of our organization and our ability to serve you and your company to achieve your goals for the coming years.
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